Maria was born in Rotterdam and Arie in Nijmegen. The met each other as students during the seventies and have been together ever since. Maria studied psychology and worked for local authorities while Arie was a teacher in vocational education for all his career. Both are now retired.
They have lived in Millingen since 1983, a village of about 6000 inhabitants that is full of activities. A place they always say is in “the centre of Amsterdam, Cologne and Maastricht”. In 1997 they got the opportunity to build their lovely home.

Marie loves walking their dog and enjoys “working” in her garden. Arie loves to admire the fruits of Maria’s work but prefers to cook for them both and their guests and be a welcoming and attentive host.
Together they have transformed the first floor of their house into a comfortable airbnb which allows them to share the rural life of the polder with their guests.

They have named the airbnb de lange adem. They will explain the meaning of this upon your arrival. De lange adem: A cosy place to relax and catch your breath during your stay. You are more than welcome!


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